Joining Weber Shandwick

WSLogo_Duo_BlueToday, I start down a new path.  I’m joining the team at Weber Shandwick as a Senior Vice President of Digital and Social Media.  I’ll be working out of the Kendall Square office in Cambridge, Mass.

Weber Shandwick is one of the largest PR agencies in the world.   But it isn’t just a big firm – it’s an excellent one.  Weber Shandwick was recently named Global PR Agency of the Year by the Holmes Report and Large Agency of the Year by PR Week – two incredible distinctions.  There is no communications firm better at helping corporations and organizations with advocacy, reputation management and thought leadership.

Weber Shandwick has practice groups in healthcare, technology, businesss management, automotive, cleantech, government, financial services, consumer marketing and many others.  They are leading the pack in crisis communications, public affairs, public relations and digital and social media.

I’m bringing my skills in PR, media and social media to Weber Shandwick to help them deepen the program, continue to improve it and to create exciting new programs in web communications.  This practice of “social media” is still in its nascent stages – and changing rapidly day to day – but the ability to communicate directly to constituent groups via the web has become a crucial component of any good corporate communications plan.

It’s going to be fun.

I’m going to continue to blog about issues around media, PR and the social web at HighTalk.  The opinions here will remain my own – and not those of Weber Shandwick or my clients (this includes the typos).  I will strictly adhere to full disclosures about any business or organization that I’m working with.

Thanks to everyone who has been an avid reader of HighTalk – I hope you continue to read, enjoy and participate.

And, please, wish me luck!

18 Responses to “Joining Weber Shandwick”

  1. Good luck! I discovered your blog recently and have greatly enjoyed your observations. I look forward to reading more as you dive into your work at Weber Shandwick.

  2. Thanks Georgy – I appreciate the kind words – and for your time reading HighTalk!

  3. Good news. And I’m glad you’re continuing with the blog. I have gained much and applied much of what what I’ve learned. – Mike Elfland, Web editor,

  4. Michele Moore June 1, 2009 at 9:11 am

    George, congrats! So happy you landed at WS.

  5. Congrats my friend…U most be excited…

  6. that’d be a “must”…just adhering to your call for typos… 🙂 …I’m getting better with the than’s though…

  7. George, congratulations! I look forward to reading your blog for updates.

  8. Hi All:
    Thanks again.

    Kyle – did you mean “you”? And, yes, it has been exciting – and busy – so far!

  9. All the best George!

  10. Welcome to Weber Shandwick and like your blog. Best of luck, hope to meet soon.

    Leslie Gaines-Ross
    Chief Reputation Strategist
    Weber Shandwick

  11. Congratulations George. Looks like you’ll have a great platform from which to leverage your energy for new media.

  12. Hi Andi and Tim:
    I appreciate it!

    Hi Leslie:
    Thank you kindly. Looking forward to meeting you as well.

    Hi Eric:
    Thanks. I’m excited about Weber’s commitment to new forms of communication.

  13. Congrats George. Sometime life takes you full circle. They’re fortunate to be able to welcome you back.


  14. I’m not sure if life is a circle or a dizzying array of left and right turns, but I thank you for the kind words, Scott. Hope to see you soon.

  15. Congrats! Good luck and I look forward to your posts!

  16. That’s great! I just started with the WS digital group out of Chicago.

    If you want, you can drop me a line at dhonigman [at] webershandwick [dot]

    Good luck to you!

  17. Hi Daniel:
    That’s terrific. I’ll certainly be getting in touch! Like your blog.

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